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All your logistics management needs in one Integrated and customizeable software solution

TMS Falcon is a new cloud service for the transportation industry. With our background in app and website development, we are able to offer a service that is essential to any trucking company.

Time savings

We help companies achieve their needs in an extremely easy and timely manner.

Improve Efficiency

Increased efficiency by completing all basic tasks like dispatch, recruiting, maintenance, billing, document management, tracking and more.

Higher Productivity

Higher productivity per employee and driver due to end to end solutions that decrease wasted time and increase convenience.


With the increase of reliance on over the air technology, third party logistic partners need a way to integrate with you. From when a load has left the shippers lot to when it arrives to the receiver, the customer needs to know. With our carefully planned and coordinated integration with third party companies, like KeepTrucking, your customers will have confidence in working with your company. This increases not only operation of business and supply, but also it creates a network of confident customers in your database.

We have developed backend organization of ELD logs that gives you a large amount of features that can prove vital to any trucking companies core business model of success. These features stretch from keeping compliance with hours of service, maintenance, inspections, customer needs, and many more.


The trucking is rapidly growing into an industry that needs technological workflow. With more and more companies converting from pen and paper to online spreadsheets and documents, you must stay with them to remain competitive. Using TMS Falcon you can create a completely virtual office that does organization of documents in an office, but are accessible anywhere from the cloud.

Manage and sign documents from anywhere with our in house developed PDF filler, that will allow you to keep your business running while you are not at the office. Create batch settlements, access real time tracking, integration with fuel card for live updates, integration with major load boards for auto posting and load matching, truck route optimization and plenty more all online from anywhere.

Our PDF filler will allow you to fill out and sign important documents like confirmations and agreements. Create custom signatures, stamps, and fields for agreements you upload. Send to multiple or one recipient and immediately reminded when it is signed. No need to use other third party solutions, we can provide it all in one place.


With our wide range of capabilities and custom built modules, there is something for every company to be used to improve their business.

Dispatch Management

Trips and loads dashboard that shows all the vital information that you need with details page on each.

Documents Management

Monitor required and expiring documents so your company will always stay DOT compliant.

Billing & Invoice Management

Accounting module for creating and managing settlements, billing, payroll, and more.

PDF Filler

PDF filler that allows you to create custom documents with signatures, fields, and stamps.


Recruiting module that will allow you to create applications that drivers can easily fill.

IFTA Report

IFTA reports from data gathered by your ELD & Fuel card with IFTA module that connects it all.


Loadboard integration with any loadboard your company works with. See loads directly from that loadboard without changing websites.

Safety and Maintenance Management

Maintenance module that monitors all your required maintenance and services needed including live engine code monitoring through your ELD.


Go beyond logistics, make the world go round and revolutionize business.


TMS Falcon is an app designed for carriers and owner operators to use today's technology to improve the company’s and driver’s performance and help us do many tasks more quickly and easily.

Why choose us?

Go beyond logistics, make the world go round and revolutionize business.

Save more

Reduction of costs due to the lower resource consumption upon task completions.

Success Driven

With our wide range of capabilities and custom built modules, there is something for every company to be used to improve their business.

Better solution, to a better you

Automation of business operations for faster and more accurate billing and documentation.






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